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November 25, 2011

Number meanings in the Bible – 25Nov2011

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Numbers – Possible Significance

A bible study by Adam Osborne, JR.

The number one is the number of unity and primacy. It is not made up of any other numbers and it is the source of all numbers. It symbolizes God, the first great cause of everything, who is independent from everything and the source of everything.

The number 2 is the number of witnesses, the number of confirmation. Punishment could not be applied to a guilty party unless the crime bad been witnessed by at least two people.

The number 3 is the number of divinity, the number of the trinity. The Lord Jesus Christ has three offices: prophet, priest and king. He was raised on the third day and His resurrection power enables us to defeat our three greatest enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The number 4 is the number of the earth. It is the world number; it is the number of God’s creation. There are four division to the day, morning, noon, evening and night. There are four seasons of the year; spring, summer, fall and winter. There are four gospels that give us the story of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus.

THE NUMBER FIVE: The number 5 and 10 are basically the same in the Scripture. 5 is the number of fullness or completeness. The human hand has 5 fingers; the feet have 5 toes and the body 5 senses.

The number 6 in the bible is the number of man. Man was created on the sixth day. And he was to work six days and rest on the seventh. The Lord Jesus was crucified on the sixth day of the week because he was dying as a man, for man.

There is not a more important number in the Bible or in the book of Revelation than the number 7. It is the number of perfection. How do we get that? Seven is 3 + 4. 3 is the divine number, 4 is the world number. 7 is the number where God and the world get together. The Hebrew word for seven comes from a root meaning, “to be full” or “satisfied.” It further represents “universal”.

The number 7 cut in half spells danger, disaster, despair, distress.

Ten therefore is an extension of the number 5. The number 10 also represents completeness. God sent ten plagues to the nation of Egypt. It was a full and complete judgment. The complete moral law was given in the Ten Commandments.

The number twelve is God’s governmental number. It is the number of the rule and government of God. 12 is related to 7. 4 + 3 = 7, but 4 x 3 = 12. The number of this world multiplied by the number of God is 12. So it refers to the rule and the reign of God over this world. There are twelve tribes of the nation of Israel. There are twelve apostles of the lamb.

Now just as four is a symbol of this world, multiples of four deal with earthlty testing, or trials of this worrld. And the number 40, 40 being simply a multiple of 4, 4 x 10 = 40, is a symbol of earthly trial and testing.

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